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Department of Physics is one of the oldest departments of the college established in year 1956 and the second largest one in terms of the number of teaching staff and the number of students enrolled for the subject. Ever since its establishment, the department, owing to its dedicated staff, has been successful in infusing the knowledge of Physics among students. At present, the subject is being taught as an optional subject for B.Sc. degree students of PCM, PMCs, PME and PMG combinations and as an allied subject for B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry students. To cater to the needs of slow learners, remedial classes are also engaged. The department has three well-equipped and spacious laboratories, one each for first, second and third year B.Sc./B.Sc. (Hons.) students.  A research lab is also being set up by the department.
To foster interest in the subject and acquaint students with further opportunities in physics, the department has recently constituted a Sahyadri Physics Forum (SPF), under which several activities such as popular and special lectures, video demonstrations, science event celebrations, Quizzes, employment opportunities etc. are held regularly once in fortnight.

CORE PAPERS: Compulsory papers that include topics that every student of the concerned subject must study (TOTAL: 4 PAPERS, ONE PAPER PER SEMESTER FOR FIRST FOUR SEMESTERS, EACH PAPER IS FOR 60 TEACHING HOURS)

DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVE (DSE) PAPERS: Specialized papers that include more specific subject related topics opted by students on their interest. (ONE out of TWO choices per SEM can be provided without additional workload?). (TOTAL: 4 PAPERS, TWO CHOICES IN 5TH SEMESTER AND TWO CHOICES IN 6TH SEMESTER, EACH PAPER IS FOR 60 TEACHING HOURS)

SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE (SEC) PAPERS: Supplementary papers that widen the knowledge base of students. (Maximum of 4 papers may be offered (ONE per SEM), each paper is for 30 teaching hours).  

PRACTICAL PAPERS: ONE per SEMESTER for all SIX SEMESTERS (practical duration: 4 Hrs. Per lab)

THEME BASED SCIENTIFIC REPORT (Equivalent to the dissertation/project activity currently being followed in the Non-CBCS scheme) (This needs approval of Academic Council)

In the last year of the course, a student may be allowed to prepare and submit A THEME BASED SCIENTIFIC REPORT on topics decided by the Chairman of the department. This report shall be equivalent to a regular practical.  The report carries 2 credits and there will be 4Hr interaction class per week as in practicals. This will be along with the DSE theory paper and SEC paper.

Sno Name Designation Qualification Action
1 Dr.chandrashekara M N Associate Professor M.Sc Ph.D
2 Dr. K. Subramanya Asst. Professor MSc PhD

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prof desai

Nagaraj N


Name of the Faculty







1 Dr.chandrashekara M N 0 0 0 0
2 Dr. K. Subramanya 0 0 0 0


Name of Faculty

         Title of the Project

Funding Agency




1 Dr.chandrashekara M N
2 Dr. K. Subramanya

Name:  Dr.chandrashekara M N

Paper Presented:  

Name:  Dr. K. Subramanya

Paper Presented:  

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Infrastructural facilities

Department has well equipped 4 labs, 1 staff room, computers and Internet facilities and other basic facilities. 


  • Geiger-Muller Counter
  • Constant Deviation Spectrometer
  • Michelson Interferometer
  • Hall Co-efficient set up
  • Millikon’s oil drop apparatus
  • Cathode ray Oscilloscopes
  • He-Ne Laser
  • Four Probe Apparatus
  • Sky Watching Telescope
  • Research Optical Benches



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